optimum extraction technology for the seed oil on kazakhstan

optimum extraction technology for the seed oil of nigella

Optimum Extraction Technology for the Seed Oil of Nigella

The results showed that the twice extraction technology could increase the oil rate of 23.55% compared with the once extraction technology. The extraction rate of the once extraction could reach 33.51% under the conditions of liquid-seed ratio: 9 : 1 mL/g, extraction temperature: 35°C, extraction time: 1 h, and particle size: 60 meshes.

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optimum extraction technology for the seed oil of nigella

Optimum Extraction Technology for the Seed Oil of Nigella

technology. €e extraction rate of the once extraction could reach 33.51% under the conditions of liquid-seed ratio: 9:1mL/g, extraction temperature: 35 ° C, extraction time: 1h, and particle size: 60 meshes. €e optimum twice extraction conditions with the

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(pdf) optimum extraction technology for the seed oil

(PDF) Optimum Extraction Technology for the Seed Oil

Optimum Extraction Technology for the Seed Oil of Nigella sativa L . Article (Available) in Journal of Food Quality 2019(7):1-6 · July 2019 with 17 Reads How we measure 'reads'

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extraction of seed oil: kinetics and thermodynamic studies m

Extraction of Seed Oil: Kinetics and Thermodynamic Studies M

The optimum parameters for the oil extraction from a 500 microns particle size were found to be 17.5 ml/g volume of solvent to mass ratio, extraction temperature and time were 343.15 K and 180 minutes respectively.

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optimization of neem seed oil extraction process using

Optimization of Neem Seed Oil Extraction Process Using

extraction) at five levels was used to study the solvent extraction of neem oil from its seed using n- hexane and ethanol. Neem oil yield, pH, refractive index, acid value, iodine value and saponification value were evaluated as the responses. Forty-two experimental runs resulted from the CCD with a minimum oil yield of 12% and maximum of 41%.

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optimization of key techniques for ethanol extraction

Optimization of Key Techniques for Ethanol Extraction

Then, response surface methodology (RSM) was conducted to ascertain the optimum condition for oil extraction, and the fatty acid composition of the oil were analyzed. Results indicated that the optimal parameters of extraction were using ethanol concentration 100%, material/solvent ratio 1:12 and extraction temperature 90 ℃.

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oil extraction optimization and kinetics from moringa

Oil Extraction Optimization and Kinetics from Moringa

The extracted oil from the seed of Moringa using hexane was 19.29 and 33.3% under different extraction conditions, solvent to solid ratio, temperature and time (5:1, 50 °C and 6 hrs) and (9:1, 70 °C and 6 hrs) respectively. Moringa seed may be due to the species, varietal difference and the environmental conditions.

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the effects of different extraction methods on antioxidant

The Effects of Different Extraction Methods on Antioxidant

Methods of extraction of seed oils are an effective factor in the properties of oils. Solvent extraction, for example, is deficient in selectivity and needs extreme heat, which could cause the degradation of the desired components [8]. The cold press extraction is the conventional method for oil extraction.

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extraction of phytosterols from jatropha seed oil by the

Extraction of Phytosterols from Jatropha Seed Oil by the

The optimal parameters for extracting phytosterols of Jatropha oil were as follows: 25g Jatropha oil with 0.25mL sulphuric acid by the 3.5h extraction at 55°C. Under the optimal conditions, the yield of phytosterols was up to 199mg/10g.

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essential oil from extraction and steam distillation

Essential Oil from Extraction and Steam Distillation

oil produced, but the mixture of leaves and stems gave a better product in terms of appearance although leaves gave higher yield. The higher the extraction temperature, the better the extraction process was. N Hexane was a better solvent for extraction of Ocimum Basillicum than ethanol, not only in terms of equilibrium but also in term of kinetics.

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optimum oil yield from egyptian jatropha seeds using screw press

Optimum Oil Yield from Egyptian Jatropha Seeds Using Screw Press

quality energy in the Jatropha seeds before actual oil extraction. When the pretreatment unit processes are improved, mechanical extraction would be more efficient. Solvent extraction of Jatropha Seeds oil is 79% efficient based on thermodynamics. Mechanical extraction of Jatropha seeds oil is 96% efficient.

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international journal of chemtech research

International Journal of ChemTech Research

rate of 200 rpm.[25]found the optimum conditions for the extraction of oil from Jatropha seeds and obtained that extraction time of 8 hr, temperature of 68 °C, coarse particle size of 0.5-0.75 mm and hexane to seed ratio

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extraction of pomegranate (punica granatum l.) seed oil using

Extraction of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) seed oil using

At the first step, optimum temperature for pomegranate seed oil extraction was studied. Because of usually positive effect of temperature on diffusion of solutes in extraction processes, it may be better to carry out superheated solvent extraction process at the highest permitted temperature.

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(pdf) the research on extracting oil from watermelon seeds by

(PDF) The research on extracting oil from watermelon seeds by

The research on extracting oil from watermelon seeds by aqueous enzymatic extraction method ... The optimum oil extraction under the above optimum condition was 97.92%. ... results showed that ...

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extraction of fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graceum l.) seed

Extraction of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graceum L.) Seed

extraction of oil from fenugreek seed by supercritical CO2 fluids. The highest extraction yield under the optimum condition was found to be 8.95% [7]. Arivalagan et al. determined the seed oil content in fenugreeks of different genotypes; the oil content ranged from 3.25% to 6.88% among 46 accessions of fenugreek genotypes [9].

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oil presses - embrapa

Oil Presses - Embrapa

process, or expression, involves the use of mechanical power to remove oil from the seed, such as batch hydraulic pressing and continuous mechanical pressing (screw presses). Chemical processes, or extraction, are based in solvent extraction. These processes can be

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process optimisation of microwave‐assisted extraction

Process optimisation of microwave‐assisted extraction

Ethanol and hexane mixture agent microwave‐assisted extraction (MAE) method was conducted to extract peony (Paeonia suffruticosa Andr.) seed oil (PSO).The aim of the study was to optimise the extraction for both yield and energy consumption in mixture agent MAE.

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comparative extraction of castor seed oil using polar and non

Comparative Extraction of Castor seed Oil Using Polar and Non

select a suitable solvent for the extraction of oil. Hexane is widely used solvent in oil extraction due to its low boiling temperature and low corrosiveness [W. Radziah et al, 2011]. Apart from that other polar and non polar solvents used for the oil extraction are petroleum ether [V.I.E.

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the optimization of essential oils supercritical co2

The optimization of essential oils supercritical CO2

Using response surface method the optimum extraction yield (4.768%) was obtained via SDS at 108.7 bar, 48.5°C, 120 min (static: 8×15), 24 min (dynamic: 8×3 min) in contrast to the 4.620% extraction yield for the SC at 111.6 bar, 49.2°C, 14 min (static), 121.1 min (dynamic).

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alternative oil extraction methods from echium plantagineum l

Alternative oil extraction methods from Echium plantagineum L

Table 3 summarizes the maximum seed oil yield obtained with each extraction technique at the optimal conditions found in this work. With the aim to evaluate and select the best method for oil extraction from echium seeds, a compromise of solvent, time, temperature and oil yield is required.

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the process of extraction oil from xanthoceras sorbifolia

The Process of Extraction Oil from Xanthoceras sorbifolia

The Process of Extraction Oil from Xanthoceras sorbifolia Bunge. Seed: WANG Li-Li;FU Yu-Jie;*;ZHANG Su; (1.Key Laboratory of Forest Plant Ecology,Ministry of Education,Northeast Forestry University,Harbin 150040) (2.Engineering Research Center of Forest Bio-preparation,Ministry of Education,Northeast Forestry University,Harbin 150040)

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ultrasound-assisted extraction (uae) and solvent extraction

Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction (UAE) and Solvent Extraction

seed oil from solvent extraction. In this study, Sekaki variety papaya seed oil showed a slightly different fatty acid composition (FAC) as compared to the fatty acid composition of papaya seed oil reported by previous researchers [5,6]. The variations could be due to the different extraction methods used and the utilization of different

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ultrasound-assisted extraction of oil from calophyllum

Ultrasound-assisted Extraction of Oil from Calophyllum

extraction efficiency.7 Thus, developing an optimised novel extraction technology is necessary in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Recently, ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE) has been developed as a novel technique to extract oil from plants. UAE is being used widely in extraction of oil

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influence of moisture content on the yield of mechanically

Influence of Moisture Content on The Yield of Mechanically

moisture content of the seed beyond 8.1% led to lower oil yield. This implies that higher moisture content means lower oil yield as far as this experiment and the oil bearing seed under investigation is concerned. Southwell et al., (1990) reported that a moisture content of 9% was found to be optimum for expression of oil from avocado fruit.

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solvent extraction method for edible oil processing

Solvent Extraction Method for Edible Oil Processing

Put simply, the high oil content makes it difficult to adequately flake the oilseed and cook it for solvent extraction without oil coming free of the seed and fouling equipment. Furthermore, the 40% oil content would require much more than the optimum energy for removal of solvent from miscella in extraction.

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extraction and characterization of jatropha curcas linnaues

Extraction and Characterization of Jatropha Curcas Linnaues

The extraction time used in this research will be 6 hour, 8 hour and 10 hour, where else the solvent to solid ratio will be 7.5:1, 10:1 and 12.5:1. Not only that, the effect of the type of extracting solvent such as ethyl acetate and ethanol on extraction of jatropha oil from its seed will be studied.

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optimization of sesame oil extraction process conditions

Optimization of Sesame Oil Extraction Process Conditions

In this study, the optimum operating conditions for sesame oil extraction were studied. N-hexane was used as a solvent. Different variables were investigated; sesame seeds particle sizes, ratio of solvent to seeds mass, contact time, stirring effect, roasting impact and extraction temperatures.

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ultrasonic extraction of oil from caesalpinia spinosa (tara

Ultrasonic Extraction of Oil from Caesalpinia spinosa (Tara

Oil extracted from the seeds of Caesalpinia spinosa (common name: tara) can be used in a number of applications. In the present study, tara seed oil was obtained by ultrasonic extraction. The effects of different solvents, particle sizes in the ground seed samples, extraction times, ultrasonication ...

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sesamum indicum l.) seed oil methods of extraction and its

Sesamum Indicum L.) Seed Oil Methods of Extraction and Its

the seed oil in soap making and production of skin moisturizers. Key words: Sesame seed, oil extraction, export, soap, skin moisturizers. INTRODUCTION Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) from Pedaliaceae, is an important oil seed crop being cultivated in the tropics and the temperate zone of the world. ( Biabani, and Pakniyat, 2008 ).

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trigonella foenum- graecum l. seed oil ... - springerlink

Trigonella foenum- graecum L. Seed Oil ... - SpringerLink

Abstract. Supercritical CO 2 extraction (SC-CO 2) of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) seed oil and its chemical composition and antioxidant activity were investigated. A central composite design combined with response surface methodology was used to study extraction conditions including pressure, temperature, and time.

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